March 2017 (supplement)



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Effects of micro-crystals of titanium dioxide with covalently bound silver ions and extracts of Aloe Barbadensis (TIAGIN®) on Vaginal Health Index Score (VHIS) and Female Sexual Function Index (FSFI) in patients affected by vaginal disepithelization: a prospective, single-center cohort analysis Antonio Simone Laganà, Benito Chiofalo, Roberta Granese, Vittorio Palmara, Onofrio Triolo 10.14660/2385-0868-61
Role of vaginal TIAGIN® in cervical reepithelialization and high-risk HPV clearance in patients with low-grade cervical lesions Caterina Ricci 10.14660/2385-0868-62
Efficacy of TIAGIN® on post-operative reepithelialization in women subjected to cervical surgery Anna Daniela Iacobone, Eleonora Petra Preti, Ailyn Mariela Vidal Urbinati, Eugenia Tomás Roldán 10.14660/2385-0868-63
Colposcopy and cytology after treatment with TIAB® system and hyaluronic acid-based vaginal capsules in patients who have undergone cervical surgery due to an HPV-related disease Giada Lavitola, Nicoletta De Rosa, Ilaria Morra, Carmine Nappi, Giuseppe Bifulco 10.14660/2385-0868-64